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Juneau piping enthusiasts Rob McMahon and Ladd Macaulay formed Stroller White Pipes and Drums about 1975. The band was named after Stroller White, the famed Klondike era journalist. Mt. Stroller White, the peak to the left of the Mendenhall Glacier was named after him. Both the mountain and the glacier are shown on our band logo.

Through the years, the band has focussed on growth in performing abilities, in numbers and in expectations. We wear the Ancient MacLean of Duart tartan. We're proud of our work to educate and train pipers, drummers and Highland dancers of all ages to deliver quality cultural performances. Community events and celebrations find us marching and dancing. We've been known to play a strain of Amazing Grace as a reflective and emotional tribute. Collectively and individually we compete in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and beyond. And, oh yes, there's been a ceilidh or two!